Pyare Mohan

Pyare Mohan
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Director(s) :
Indra Kumar
Music Director(s) :
Anu Malik
Releasing On :
Fardeen Khan, Viveik Anand Oberoi, Esha Deol, Amrita Rao
By By Sameer Wadekar, Bollywood Trade News Network
6 Apr, 2006 52:08:52 PM

Download Pyare Mohan WallpapersFirst the good news. After the other boys-will-be-boys comedy MASTI, Indra Kumar serves up a reasonably clean vegetarian dish with the double innuendoes kept almost completely out of sight.

To Kumar's credit some moments in the first- half between the deaf hero (Vivek Oberoi) and the blind hero (Fardeen Khan) have a certain warmth of shared camaraderie specially when they share their girlfriend woes, or try to see the lighter side of their handicaps.

But then you've seen Ralph Fiennes play a blind man in James Ivory's ?The White Countess? at the same time as Fardeen's blind act. And you wonder how long we must continue to bear the atmosphere of mediocrity that prevails in a particular style of mainstream Hindi cinema.

To his credit Indra Kumar tries to be stylish in the songs. Milap Jhaveri's dialogues are occasionally crisp. Some of the deaf protagonist's mis-read lip movements are funny. The actors too do their bit to enhance the mood of complete surrender to the forces of satire. But then you begin to see through the film's feeble fabric of farce.

Send Pyare Mohan EcardsThe noisy 'cool' song sequences, for instance, have now been done to a clich?. Except the fact that the film makes a pitch for the handicapped to have a normal even fun-filled life, PYARE MOHAN has nothing to offer that would qualify as novel or engaging.

The second-half is completely botched, with the mid-air near-crash experience of flying passengers reaching a nadir of mediocrity in filmmaking.