Releasing On :
Director(s) :
Ajai Sinha
Music Director(s) :
Vishal & Shekhar
Releasing On :
Diya Mirza, Gauri Karnik, Ishita Arun, Tejasvani Kohlapure, Rocky Bhatia, Om Puri.
By - editorial
5 Nov, 2004 12:11:59 PM
STOP! is a sensitive and heart warming story of four friends - Pooja, Tina, Sonia and Om - who live together in the same house in Dubai. Life for these young adults moves along just fine... until something unexpected happens.

Om's ex-girlfriend, Shama, now married to someone else, arrives in Dubai for work.
Shama is unhappy with her marital life. Little does Om know that, in his effort to lend Shama support, he is himself becoming dependent on her.

Tina's father, Anand Mehra, makes a comeback into his daughter's life, but things get rather messey.

Pooja's dream is to be the best RJ in town and have her own show. She works for Vivek malhotra (harsh Chhaya), who holds the key to her future, but with a catch...

Rohit works in the same office as Om and is introduced to Sonia. All of Om's warnings to her to steer clear of the playboy Rohit fall on deaf ears.

Inspite of different temperaments and personalities, they have always remained the best of friends. But now, as each one stands at crossroads in their lives, with their conflicting opinions, will things ever be the same?