Sun Zarra

Sun Zarra
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By editorial
4 Feb, 2006 47:12:43 AM
Romance has been the flair and inspiration for most of the creations in the world and more precisely for art forms; be it music, drama or literature. But it is more definitive for cinema and especially for our standard Bollywood films. Recently, in spite of the invasion of high-voltage action flicks and occasional horror fests, romantic musicals have managed to grip its stronghold on the movie lovers. SUN ZARRA is another romantic feature that is being produced by Salim Akhtar and directed by Rohit Nayyar. 

SUN ZARRA is a story of dreams, emotions and sacrifice. 

When cupid strikes everything is justified. Just as it was for Trisha who falls in love with someone she has never seen, but had heard his melodious voice. The voice was that of Rohit, an aspiring singer wanting to make it big in life. Lost in Mumbai, he seeks help of Gauri Shankar, who provides him a place to live and helps him realize his dreams.

During one of his practices, Trisha hears Rohit singing and instantly falls in love with his voice. On the other hand each time that Trisha bumps into Rohit in person she chooses to dislike him and his face! Little does she know that he is the one with the golden voice.

Unfortunately, fate plays an evil game, which brings Rohit to a situation where he will have to sacrifice his ambitions and dreams for Trisha. Will he give up his career for in the name of love?

The film stars newcomers Samir Aftab and Anjana Sukhani in the lead roles and also the exemplary Mithun Chakraborty in a principal role. The music to the film has been provided by the talented Sandesh Shandilya and lyrics penned by Anil Pandey.