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By - glamsham.com editorial
15 Sep, 2004 57:08:45 PM
Download Wajahh WallpapersThat's the question. The critical turnaround in this burnt out thriller depends on a wrong prediction by a devious palmist.

Maybe he was looking at a future that this film certainly doesn't have.

This purported chiller relies so heavily on bizarre coincidences, you wonder what the debutant director hopes to achieve by subverting the thriller genre to the point where the characters appear to be spoofing terror.

The crammed soundtrack contains every conceivable sound of suspense. Doors creak open, candles hiss to their extinction, footsteps run frantically over wooden stairs like horses bolting out of stables and the terrified heroine (played by a furiously over-the-top under-the-weather Gracy Singh) gasps and screams so hard, you fear for her heaving lungs and your own eardrums rather than the character's safety.

"Wajahh" is the most purposeless and puerile whodunit in recent times. Director Gautam Adhikari tries to scare us with trademark ammunition deployed in fear-fests. But sorry, no show. And certainly no terror, unless we're talking about the terror of being held captive in a dark empty theatre for 180 minutes with all the exits sealed.