Toss - A Flip Of Destiny Music Review

Toss - A Flip Of Destiny
Director(s) :
Ramesh Katkar
Music Director(s) :
Releasing On :
Ashmit Patel, Zakir Hussain, Prashant Raj, Aarti Chhabria, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sushant Singh, Rajpal Yadav
By Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
2009-08-24T00:00:00 12:00:00 AM

view TOSS movie stills

view TOSS movie stills

The audio album of Ramesh Khatker's TOSS comes with least expectations, the silver lining being the fact that the composers are Siddharth Suhas, who have done some good work in their previous films like DIL DOSTI ETC, BHRAM and RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMA and then there is also Sandesh Shandilya of CHAMELI and KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM fame. Another factor is Ashmit Patel who made a mark with the musical thriller, MURDER and INTEHA and so TOSS can be called his comeback venture. So, let's see if Siddharth Suhas and guest composer, Sandesh Shandilya manage to spring a surprise and come up with an album worth a buy.

Sandesh Shandilya shows us his versatility with the unusually titled, ''Ruppaia'', where he doubles up as the singer too. A theme song that is situational and all out rock oriented with heavy acid rock type guitaring forming the backdrop. Sandesh's singing style is haunting, the hoarseness in his vocals make the song appear dark and dangerously inclined. But the USP of the track is the little known lyricist, Sudhir Nema, who is absolutely brilliant as he conjures up a vivid description of the power of money and its effect on people ''Tumne mere seene se patthar hata diya, Shukriya tumhara jo mujh ko riha kiya , Har taraf deewaaron se takra raha hoon main, Khud se baat kar kar ukta raha hoon main, Ungali pakad , Chalne ko lalcha raha hoon main, Ye pakda ruppaia ruppaia.''


Sandesh Shandilya , lyricist Irshad Kamil and the ''Jai Ho'' singer, Vijay Prakash, come together for an absolutely gem of a romantic number, ''Meri Khamoshi'', where once again the composer pitches in too spice up things. The song starts off as a conversation (like SILSILA) and gathers enough steam, the rhythm picks pace gradually until reaching a crescendo. The love ballad has some cool lyrics which though filmy but convey the depth of the feelings precisely- ''Teri Kandhe se lag kar beete umar, Tu alag jo kare to ho jayun guzar, Par kabhi aisa ho, Yeh khuda na kare, Tumko koi bhi humse juda na kare.'' Really beautiful words by Irshad, who is riding high, post the success of his songs in LOVE AAJ KAL.

Soft seductive female croonings and rap herald the entry of Labh Janjua, one of Punjabi pops most celebrated icon, and he is simply awesome in his trademark Punjabi Bhangra based number, ''Aish Aish''. The number may have a heard before sound as it is based on Punjabi folk (recently heard in SINGH IS KINNG) but that takes nothing away from the way Siddhath Suhas have handled this track. It is a chartbuster in the making, if promoted well. The only thing missing here is some frontline top hero (like Akshay Kumar) to make the song hit the top. The rhythm that the song follows is very catchy and foot tapping.

''Aish Aish Remix'' is a bit too fast for liking; the heightened rhythm spoils the catchy rhythm of the original. The rap used is good and different from the ones we are used to.


download TOSS wallpapers

download TOSS wallpapers

Sonu Kakkar's full throated and unabashedly powerful vocals greet the listeners with India's most common abusive usage, ''Abe Saale'' and this is one rare song by Siddharth Suhas. We expected it to be a male dominated tapori style track but Sonu takes the maximum applause with a superb rendition. It is almost as if she is enacting the composition herself while singing. The girl has just the right attitude as well as vocals to deliver this type of number. Coming to the song itself, the tune may not be fresh, folk inspired (recently used in ''Billu Bhayankar'' from BILLU), but the extremely rhythmic arrangements are the hallmark of the number. Superb guitaring, percussions and some nice background synthesized rhythm that accompany the song makes it racy and hummable. Lyrics by Kumaar are in sync with the subject and quite humorous and interesting, making people beware of the perils of falling in love. ''Ishq ko goli se uda de, Suli pe dil ko latka de, Abe saale''. So, after ''Kamniey'' will it be ''Abe Saale?''

''Abe Saale Remix'' is nicely done, harping more on synthesizers rather than percussions.

''Chalte Chalo'' marks the entry of Siddharth Suhas's favourite singer Suraj Jagan, the true blue rock star (he has sung for them in most of their films), and Sunanina. Lovely guitar strumming welcome, as a beautiful song about life unfolds and one is greeted to some nice lyrics as well as singing. The emphasis is more on simple guitar riffs and background chorus which give it a nice touch. The tune is simple too and sounds like a Shankar-Ehasan-Loy number. The song is philosophical as well as more like a lovely prayer in parts - ''Jaane kaahan pe hum aaye, Nazare aakhon pe chhaye, O my Lord above in heaven, you are the one I believe in.'' The amalgamation of Hindi and English lyrics are fantastic.

To sum TOSS does spring a pleasant surprise as all the songs are intelligently composed keeping in mind the subject of the film. The composers Siddharth Suhas believe in being different and they have certainly provided the album with variety and they have been helped in their endeavour by the talented Sandesh Shandilya. Together they have composed some nice tracks, worth mentioning are ''Aish Aish'', ''Chalte Chalo'' and ''Meri Khamoshi''.

Rating - 3/5