'Page 3' will have the distinct Bhandarkar stamp of film-making - Madhur

By Manisha Deshpande
12/28/2004 12:00:00 AM
Over the past few days, director Madhur Bhandarkar's  office is flooded with calls from unexpected callers wanting to know the release date of his film. As if that is not enough, Bhandarkar  recently visited a shopping mall and was surrounded by youngsters inquiring about PAGE 3. "I was slightly wary of the callers but on second thoughts, I was also excited about the fact that the film is hot in the market and there is a great anticipation surrounding its release. Already the Asha Bhonsle  number, "Huzuru-e-allah  is a hot rage among the masses," Madhur recalls, adding that the Sahara bosses  are also pleased with the way the film has shaped up. "They are happy with my work in the film and have great expectations from it," He says.  

According to Madhur, the film has the look and feel of a typical Madhur Bhandarkar film on the lines of his earlier films, SATTA and CHANDNI BAR. "It is in no way comparable to AAN, which wasn't my kind of film," He muses. It may be recalled that Madhur wasn't very happy bowing down to commercial dictates when he made AAN. "When a film is not made from the heart the results are evident on screen," he says.

PAGE 3, will hopefully revive the intensity so characteristic of Madhur Bhandarkar's films.