11/11 Mumbai rains to favour TUM MILE?

Rachana, Bollywood Trade News Network
11/11/2009 6:40:24 PM

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While the entire Mumbai city is biting its nails with the fear of impending cyclone, here's a group of people who may be relishing with this unsympathetic fact!

Well, well we are talking about the Bhatt camp and the reason for their rejoice happens to be their upcoming release, the Emraan Hashmi & Soha Ali Khan starrer TUM MILE, which is inspired by the catastrophic Mumbai monsoon and also the super cyclone of July 26, 2005.

Apparently the makers of the film wanted to release TUM MILE in July to coincide with the Mumbai floods anniversary. But due to numerous unfavorable reasons they had to shift their release date and they locked in 13th November 2009 as their final release date. However Bhatts were not really pleased, as the theme of the film was not going well with the flavour of the season and seemed apprehensive about the film attracting considerable eyeballs.


Now it looks like Bhatts' desire won't go in vain! The Rain Gods appear to be obliged with their honest desires and that's the reason Mumbai is flooded (The meteorological department has warned of Cyclone 04A crossing Mumbai) in the month of November (which sounds next to impossible).

On one side Bhatts' may be heaving a sigh of relief with the fact that the current climate might work in film's favour and automatically attract the audience towards the film but at the same time they may be going through an adrenaline rush in case Mumbai faces the predicted calamity.

Well only time will tell if the city of Mumbai or the movie will be washed out by the cyclone.

In the meantime the cyclone could be a theme for Mahesh Bhatt to make his next movie.