Aamir bids adieu to Satyamev Jayate with unsung heroes

Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
7/30/2012 2:23:06 PM

Indeed the spirit of India, which survives and continues to thrive in spite of all kinds of machinations, deceits, treacheries is what AaAamir Khan focused upon in the last episode of Satyamev Jayate. The episode was guided by the spirit of the constitution as enshrined in the preamble and the episode tried to sum up the spirit of Satyamev Jayate by featuring and focusing on faceless people who never bothered to hog the limelight but are more concerned to work for betterment of the society.

The focus on the efforts undertaken by the Desais in Gujarat to bring up orphaned Muslim children, or the sheer grit of Asha Bhatt who decided to stay back in Kashmir, pegged on by the villagers, to become a representative of the Gram Panchayat.

Then there was Sanjeev Chaudhary who got inspired to start working with those who were living at the margins of the society in Khagryia in Bihar and he chose the women as a tool of empowerment to initiate the process of change. Sanjeev indeed ushered in the change and he also focused upon one of the most visible tools, an objective of reverence in our country, river Ganga.

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Then there was the story of Sunita who on her own had taken the mafia to rehabilitate women who were caught in the flesh trade and to rehabilitate them as also their children. For her the biggest challenge was to change the social norms for this category of women and their children. The moot point is whether the society would change and whether the children who were participating in the programme would stand up and extend the hand to these needy women and their families.

Kolhapur's Naseem who runs a school for handicapped where more than 14000 paraplegic men and women dream to lead their life normally, in the same manner Subhasini Mistry's hospital in Kolkata where the poor are treated free of cost, indeed are salutary efforts and they are the real romantics that India should be proud of and not those romantics who sitting in offices are ushering in changes in the country through policy interventions. Mistry's effort indeed is laudable as to realize her dream she sent her son to an orphanage but instructed him to become a doctor and he now runs this hospital. The case of Babur who started a school to become a headmaster to teach students is another saga which has an element of romanticism weaved into every thread as it was his sheer gut conviction that propelled him to start working for education.

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In the end bringing the focus on Shakeel chacha who gives decent burial to those who have died on road or any other place and the sacrifice of Satyendra Dubey the episode also underlined that corruption still is a canker that has to be tackled on an urgent basis as it has become more a matter of conduct.

The story of these romantics indeed is a fitting finale to the spirit of Aamir Khan had kindled when Satyamev Jayate unfolded more than two months ago. The jury may be out whether it maintained its TRP or not, but what needs to be underlined is that it is these romantics who are paving the way for the India that we all are still aspiring and hankering for.

Fittingly enough, the audience this time around comprised mainly of students, who after all are the future of the country and what better way to underline the basic principles of our constitution than by making them a part of the participative journey of our great country, India. One only hopes that from among the audience, those belonging to the new generation, few would seek inspiration and try in their own way to make India a better place, inspite of all the ills that continue to plague it.