Actor Bhagwan's gut-wrenching tale of downfall!

Mansoor Khan, Glamsham Editorial
2/4/2014 7:20:54 PM

Amazing are the games of destiny. For instance, do you remember the forgotten actor of yesteryear called Bhagwan, who is better recognized for his dance steps that were once even aped by superstar Amitabh Bachchan?

Glamsham.Com remembers the actor on his death anniversary and narrates the actor's weird tale of rags-to riches and then back-to-rags!


Bhagwan was born in a dingy chawl in the lanes of Parel, Mumbai, but his passion for dance at Ganpati festival programmes won him thunderous fame. Since then, he began dancing on the road. People gathered in large numbers and appreciated his style of dancing by offering him money. When he tried his luck in Bollywood he was welcomed with open hands.

In the early 50's, he produced ALBELA with himself in the lead. The movie proved a goldmine at the box office. C.Ramchandra's mind-blowing music was the highlight of the movie. Songs like 'Shola Jo bhadke'..., 'Sham dhale khidki tale'..., 'Oh betaji'... etc. were so foot tapping that people enjoyed each song by dancing and whistling in cinema halls.

Besides Bhagwan's dancing made the audience go literally crazy. The rage for Bhagwan's dance numbers was so intense that the audience would jump on their seats while some would leave their seats and come forward near the screen and danced with full vigour.

After ALBELA, Bhagwan became a star overnight and shifted into a bungalow. He began moving in a fleet of cars and enjoyed paradise on earth. But his success did not last long!

After ALBELA, the movie he produced failed miserably and he was under heavy debt. To pay his debt he started doing any trivial role offered to him. He sold his cars, ornaments and finally his bungalow and returned back to the Parel chawl that he once lived in!

His life was like his own song from ALBELA that goes as....

'Oh betaji, Oh babuji Kismat ki hawa kabhi garam, kabhi naram'...