After Hrithik Roshan, is Shahid Kapoor next target for Kangana Ranaut?

Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
2/17/2017 4:57:27 PM

Bollywood’s feisty actress Kangana Ranaut is known for making bold statements and speaking her mind. Throughout last year she reportedly took a dig and made some demeaning statements on (supposed ex beau) Hrithik Roshan (and he too gave it back like a boss). Though their war of words is not yet over, it goes on and off (especially from Kangana’s end), looks like the actress has now some problem with her co-star Shahid Kapoor in RANGOON.


Right from day one we have been coming across reports of brewing tension between the two actors. While Kangana at times went on to say in few of the interviews that she doesn’t pay much heed to mischief- makers whether they are contemporaries or competition, as they are mostly unnecessary publicists who do everything possible to malign you and get you in trouble and she doesn’t care for the bugs in the bed, then on other times she confessed that they weren’t really pally and people need to understand that actors don’t go to work for making friends. Kangana even made statements like Shahid would often freak out on the sets RANGOON for bad network or he is friendly someday while suspicious on other day (probably hinting about his mood swings).

Recently, she was even quoted as saying that it was a nightmare to share the same cottage with Shahid and that it was disgusting for her to kiss him during the shoot.  Shahid’s moustache was horrible and disgusting. Kangana reportedly made an embarrassing remark saying that Shahid would keep telling her that he has a runny nose which helps it to stick.
However, Shahid always maintained a dignified silence and chose to stay mum. In fact the actor always tried to dilute the matter in some or other way like when at a press conference he was asked about the cold war, he came with an epic reply like ‘its all good’ and ‘take it easy bro’ without blowing it out of proportion. Even in one of the interviews, when Shahid was asked about Kangana having multiple complaints, to which he said that he would choose not to answer that question…however he added at once saying that one complaint is not enough and there are many.

Though it looks like that Shahid doesn’t want to take it any further, but lately he couldn’t resist making a statement about Kangana. In an interview with a leading daily, when Shahid was reminded of Kangana’s jibe at his moustache, he directly and ultimately said that Kangana makes up things in her head. She has a vivid imagination.

Well, whether Kangana and Shahid are really miffed with each other or they are just faking it for RANGOON promotions is something that should be known. But going by Kangana’s blunt persona and the Hrithik Roshan episode, we are suspicious if it was for film promotion as Vishal Bhardwaj movies in the past haven’t really resorted to doing such antics! Well, only Kangana and Shahid can answer on it!