Ajay Bahl: Sex in B.A. PASS not for titillation

Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
8/2/2013 2:54:04 PM

B.A. PASS starring Shilpa Shukla releases today and is in the buzz for having a lot of sexual content. But debutant director Ajay Bahl defends the sex in the film and says it's not for titillation.

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He says, ''Sex as an act will always excite you. But the intention is not to titillate. It's a part of the story. B.A. PASS totally revolves around this amorous relationship. If that is not depicted properly, the story won't make any sense. It will just fall apart. So the sensuous relationship between the woman and the boy forms the spine of the film.''

Talking about his inspiration behind the film, the director says, ''We were relying on English literature to search for a good script. So we came across HarperCollins' book 'Delhi Noir'. The film was published in 2010. It had some really interesting short stories. We selected three of them and that will a part of one film. So that's how we started working on B.A. PASS.''

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He further adds, ''We came up with a 40 page draft. But me and my writer, Ritesh Shah didn't find it very interesting. We thought it needed to be fleshed out a little more. So in that process it became 80 pages. So we realized that this itself could be one film. So what eventually started off as a short film, became a 90 minute screenplay.''

Ajay says he had a tough time to get producers for B.A. PASS.

He states, ''After the film was screened in various festivals, I showed my film to a lot of corporates. They really liked it and wanted me to direct a different film. They were afraid to touch my film as they thought B.A. PASS had a lot of adult content. They thought B.A. PASS won't look good on their resumes. A CEO of a corporate told me that if they produced my film, the shares of their company would go down. Eventually Bharat Shah got on board and helped us release the film.''

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