Ajay Devgn: If you don't work in different genres, then you are not a complete actor

Souvik Ghosh, IBNS, Glamsham Editorial
8/31/2017 11:46:59 AM

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is busy in promoting his new film BAADSHAHO in different parts of the country. IBNS correspondent tracks him ahead of the release on September 1, 2017. Here are the excerpts:


How is the character Bhavani played by you?
In this film, you will not be able to understand Bhavani and other characters that on which side they are with. So there are multiple layers in the characters, which are positives or negatives. The audience will keep guessing but things will come up as opposite to the guesses every time.

You have been in the film industry for a long time. What are the parameters on the basis of which you select films now, compared to your early days in Bollywood?
The thoughts always remain the same. There remains a thought that I should select films which I haven't done earlier. The script should touch my soul and I must like it so that there is a satisfaction while working and most importantly the audience must like it. But the thought process changes with time because the audience's thought alters over the years.

'Good content films needs to be commercialized'

Are the audiences accepting different types of content now?
Yes of course. It is a good thing. But, good content films earlier also became successful but obviously it needs to be commercialized. The film should be based on a good content within the frame work of commercialization. There should be entertainment but entertainment doesn't mean always comedy but it is how the film captures the attention of the audience for around three hours. The most important base of a film is always the story.

Your on-screen chemistry with Ileana (co-actor Ileana D'Cruz) in BAADSHAHO has been the topic of discussion. How do you feel about it?Yes, a lot of people are talking about it but I can't find out what (why) it is. But it’s a good thing if people are talking about our chemistry. It is our job to make the chemistry well while working. So, if we have achieved a good chemistry in the film then..... (it is good).

It is a multi-starrer film, so you had any kind of pressure in working in the film?
No, there remains no pressure. When you have more stars in the film, we can exchange views, give and take suggestions which in a way reduces the pressure.

You have acted in multi-genre films like RAINCOAT, SINGHAM, ACTION JACKSON and others. Do you like to work in this way?
I think it is the job of every actor to work in different genres. If you can work in one genre but not the other, then you are not a complete actor. I am very lucky to work and excel in different genres which many actors struggle. So, I try to work in different kinds of films and get a satisfaction.