Akshay Kumar: Aarav wants to see BROTHERS and I've never seen him so excited

Jahnavi Patel, Glamsham Editorial
8/13/2015 6:36:51 PM
Akshay Kumar and his love for martial arts is known to all. Following his footsteps, son Aarav too has been training to become a black belt. And Aarav seems to be pretty excited to watch daddy’s upcoming film BROTHERS because it has a lot of scenes that involve martial arts. 


When asked Akshay whether Aarav wants to watch BROTHERS, he said, “He wants to see BROTHERS and I’ve never seen him so excited because he is into martial arts himself, he wants to see the film.”

Further ask him if Aarav or he has seen WARRIOR (the film BROTHERS is a remake of), he said, “Ya, he has seen the original and so have I.”

Since he has seen the original, probe Akshay if it has been like an interference while preparing for the role and he says, “No it doesn’t interfere at all because this is 60 percent different, only 40 percent has been taken from the original. The emotions in this film are different than what it was in that one. I have done many remakes in my life be it ROWDY RATHORE or HERA PHERI, but it doesn’t interfere. You get into a totally different character.”

Ask him about his training process for this film and he says, “I have trained for at least 4 months for this film and it’s been very hard because the most important thing is this film is not about me kicking or punching or anything, it was more about conditioning. Most of the punches & kicks that you guys are going to see in the film, 60 percent of them, are real, it is contact. We hit each other because that is what we’ve been taught.”

We can understand Aarav’s excitement to watch daddy battle on the big screen! After all, fathers can be the biggest inspiration and role model.