Alia Bhatt admits being 'thick skinned'

Rajesh Kumar Singh, Glamsham Editorial
8/12/2014 12:58:25 PM

Alia Bhatt thinks it’s one of her three critical strengths - to be thick-skinned. It’s not that she is not sensitive but she has the capacity to ignore criticism and not be bothered too much about it. Incidentally, this is not the trait she has acquired from her parents. She has developed it on her own, probably having seen the dog-eats-dog world of Bollywood at close quarters.


The other two key strengths have come from her parents. She is strong-willed like her father Mahesh Bhatt. She can take the ups and downs of her life and forge ahead. She also has the capacity to understand the point of view of the other person, to be in his her/shoes, empathize, and be sensitive to his/her needs. That’s her third key strength, which comes from her mother Soni Razdan Bhatt.

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Alia is also the brand ambassador of an upgraded hair care product that has triple nutrition benefits. She says she has been using the product since all 21-years of her life and that’s why endorses it. She invited the media-persons to check it out for themselves in her bathroom if they doubt her honest-to-God statement. She uses the product since it nourishes her hair from the scalp through its length and to tips and contains the goodness of ‘olive, almonds, coconut oil, and fruit vitamins’.

She was answering questions of the media during a press conference to launch the new improved formulation of the branded shampoo and conditioner. And she totally believes in whatever the marketing guys tell about the product.

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