Amita's simplicity compliments bratty BITTOO BOSS

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
3/31/2012 1:30:36 PM

The promos of BITTOO BOSS have pretty much established the fact that the central protagonist here (played by first timer Pulkit Samrat) is a loveable brat who is the most awaited guest in every marriage and other festive occasion. While Pulkit ended up winning everyone's heart with his naughty ways, he was well complimented by his leading lady Amita Pathak. What further worked for everyone involved was the fact that despite being the sister of film's producer Abhishek Pathak, she was her regular self right through the film's shoot and went completely as per the director's vision without interfering in any creative aspects.

download BITTOO BOSS wallpapers
download BITTOO BOSS wallpapers

Confesses Babul, director of BITTOO BOSS, "We felt that producer ki sister hai toh thoda tense mahaul ho jaayega. Honestly woh ek image shuru mein toh hamaare mann mein thi. Thankfully that thought evaporated within the first schedule itself. In fact believe it or not but she was the first person who used to come on the sets and the last one to go. Also, she was the least cribbing of all in the cast and crew. I never once got the feeling that she was being high headed or anything."

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The director admits that it is this very simplicity that she has brought to her character in the film.

"Amita is a brilliant human being and boasts of a beautiful soul. I wish that part of her personality reflects in the movie as well. The kind of honesty and simplicity that she comes with is rare. I am sure audience will accept the fact that is a pure soul," smiles Babul.

With music by Raghav Sachar, BITTOO BOSS (which comes with the tagline of 'Sab Ki Legaa...!') releases all over on 13th April.