Amrita Arora's flawless secret...

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6/15/2009 5:58:58 PM

view AMRITA ARORA picture gallery

view AMRITA ARORA picture gallery

One of, Bollywood hottie Amrita Arora's passion has always been travelling! This travel trot loves to take vacations to exotic places and spend time with her family and loved ones. And yet we see a glow on this damsels face and skin at all times.

Travelling excessively makes ones skin dehydrated which seems non existent in Amu's books! Her skin is closed to perfect part due to her genes and rest due to her skin care regime, healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life.

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Amu says 'For every woman taking care of her skin and hair is essential. I moisturize my skin everyday and every week I make natural homemade packs, fruit pulps and apply. I also believe in drinking lots of juices especially in such hot summers as it helps to keep the skin glowing.'

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