An Open Letter To Angry Indian Goddesses

Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
3/9/2016 12:26:38 PM

Dear Angry Indian Goddesses

Today’s column celebrates International Women’s Day, which officially was yesterday. Nevertheless, what you girls, along with the guys and Pan Nalin the director, and Gaurav Dhingra the producer did last December was worthy of applause that should have brought the house down. The connoisseurs of cinema did applaud the movie; the big bucks did not come in. But that is hardly a barometer by which to judge intelligent cinema. ANGRY INDIAN GODDESSES was one of the best to have come out from Bollywood last year.

Sadly, all the possible popular awards have finished with their glamorous presentations in Mumbai. AIG was nowhere in sight? Or were they? Some awards are also being given away in Dubai and other destinations with plane loads of celebrities being flown there, either to perform or receive their awards. Hope you guys are not angry or planning a revolt, like in the movie?

Just kidding!

Personally, I was mighty impressed with the depiction of all you seven girls breaking the stereotype and going for broke! You guys were wonderful and even though towards the end, the film did turn dramatic with Pan Nalin injecting the typical masala formula, AIG was worth going miles to see.

So on International Women’s Day, I would personally like to applaud each and every one of you girls, who made this film a wonderful movie-going experience. Don’t lose heart if you have not found recognition in your own country; that does not change the fact that you all were part of path-breaking cinema.

Sandhya Mridul: Thank you for depicting the dilemma of a tough business-woman juggling with the task of being a mother. That was an awesome performance. You brought Suranjana alive on screen.

Rajshri Deshpande: Where were you hiding all this while? You so convincingly played the domestic help Laxmi that it was difficult to believe that you were actually not Laxmi in real life!

Sarah Jane-Dias: If the Best Actress Award had to be given this year, it should have been to you. What a marvelous depiction of coming-out-of-the-closet. Freida, you made my heart go boom!

Pavleen Gujral: You hammered out on screen the frustrations of a housewife trapped in a marriage of convenience. So content and happy on the surface but Pamela had other emotions boiling within. Only you could have erupted the way you did!

Amrit Maghera: As Joanna, the half-Indian, half-British girl struggling to make her mark in Bollywood, you were the soft spot of the plot. You performed to a nicety.

Anushka Manchanda: Wanting your big break in the music industry, you aptly displayed your angst as Madhureeta. Take a bow.

Tannishtha Chatterjee: So far, you have displayed tough characters on screen, but Nargis was a revelation. Here’s looking forward to more surprises from you on screen.

Although recognition has not come your way in your own country, I believe that AIG will now be shown in 50 countries over the world, this year. And that is a huge achievement and a big high which ‘No Lady’ can give at an Awards Night. I have also heard that the film is travelling to IFFLA (Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles). Congratulations to the entire team.

Thank you Pan Nalin for showing us a movie can be made with seven women in the lead. Thank you for showing us that women know how to stand up for themselves when pushed to the wall.

Thank you Gaurav Dhingra for investing money in a project that did not turn out to be a money-spinner. But yes, it did turn out to be intelligent cinema, one which we so desperately need here in Bollywood.

May your tribe increase.

God Bless You.
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)