Anjana Sukhani: GOLMAAL RETURNS didn't help me professionally

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
1 Jul, 2009 22:06:26 PM

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view ANJANA SUKHANI picture gallery

Anjana Sukhani is finally being seen as a main female lead in a substantial role for a big banner. No wonder, she is happy that she signed up for JASHNN with the Bhatts. However, she admits that even though she starred in last year's big money spinner GOLMAAL RETURNS, the Rohit Shetty directed film didn't quite provide much visibility to her.

''And I was pretty much aware about what I was getting into then as well so no regrets there'', says Anjana before any further controversy erupts, ''Yes, the film didn't help me professionally but it was a good addition to my resume. I had to be a part of a HIT film regardless of the length or substance of my role and in this regard GOLMAAL RETURNS did help. But were there any other benefits? No definitely not.''

Well, recognition did come her way as people were now aware about one of the leads being Anjana, right?

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''That's what I am talking about. The whole world saw the film which means that I was noticed too'', Anjana comments, ''In any case, I had signed the film for two reasons. One being to be a part of a successful film and second being that I already had a good relationship with Rohit (Shetty) after having worked with him in SUNDAY. I knew that he won't make a stupid film and was sure that the sequel to GOLMAAL would be a hit too.''

She must be happy about her role in JASHNN though where she is supposed to be getting quite some limelight for herself, right?

''Yes, I knew from the very beginning that what's the importance of the role and how much footage I will get. Unlike GOLMAAL RETURNS where I knew that who would eventually get all the limelight (she is obviously hinting at Kareena Kapoor here), here I know that my character is extremely relevant and important to the film's narrative. Neither was I surprised after I saw GOLMAAL RETURNS nor do I believe that I would have any surprise coming my way after JASHNN'', smiles Anjana.