Arjun Kapoor: My mindset for Sonakshi Sinha changed as I met her

Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
12/1/2014 5:50:48 PM

Though LOOTERA wasn’t a commercial success, it did earn Sonakshi Sinha many brownie points for her sterling performance. In fact, the film helped in breaking her mere ‘song and dance presence’ image and proved that she is an actor par-excellence. Her co-star Arjun Kapoor also realized the same while working on the upcoming film TEVAR.

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As we caught up with Arjun, he shared about the preconceived notion that he had for Sonakshi. “She has been a huge star right from her first film and I had certain preconceived notion of her being a star. I used to think she has done certain creditable work or she does only certain kinds of films. But after seeing LOOTERA, I realized that there is something more in her than just being a star. There is an actor that needs to be tapped into. She is not there just for song & dance thing and then disappear abruptly. She has more to add. So, when the casting for TEVAR was being done I was very sure that she is the perfect choice because she has vulnerability in her eyes,” says Arjun.

“Even when I reached the sets, she never came across like ‘what’s the role let’s discuss and all….’ In fact, whenever I met she behaved very cool, normal and she was like ki jab karna hai tab bata dena muje. Even during the shoot I observed that she just delivers it in one take. She is very talented and an amazing actor. LOOTERA is at the tip of the eyes of what this girl is capable of. My mindset changed completely as I met her and realized how gifted she is,” he continues.

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Arjun further shares how inspiring Sonakshi was on TEVAR sets, “We created all the obstacles that we could to test Sonakshi and she surprisingly passed all with flying colours. Despite the severe conditions, tough climate and action sequences, she maintained her calmness and never lost her temper. It was inspiring for the unit members of TEVAR too.”
“After doing considerable films you tend to lose the innocence and vulnerability and arrogance sets in because you have done the same thing number of times. However, with Sonakshi that isn’t the case. She is vulnerable on screen no matter what she does. Off-screen she is one of the most hassle free persons, and that really helps,” he adds.

Interestingly, Arjun and Sonakshi were from the same school and their families often partied together, although they never interacted much. 

“I knew Soankshi from before. So there was a comfort. We had been to the same school and she was Rhea’s (Sonam Kapoor’s sibling) batch-mate. Our families knew each other and often met at parties. But we were not really friends or did hang outs together….we were sporadically in touch,” reveals Arjun on a parting note.