Arshad Warsi slapped on the sets!

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7/18/2009 2:37:50 PM



On the sets of Neeraj Vohra's SHORTKUT, an inevitable accident occurred; Arshad Warsi got slapped by the versatile theatre actor Bakul Thackar, who is been getting great reviews for his performance in the movie of late. Well, no this wasn't yet another tiff, but one of the scenes which got a bit....real!

It so happened that while shooting the film, one of the scenes required Bakul to slap Arshad. Now, amidst the shooting, Bakul actually ended up hitting Arshad hard on his face.

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And the impact of the slap was such that Arshad's sunglasses flew straight to the ground!

Seeing this director Neeraj Vohra almost lost his cool and the atmosphere on the sets immediately turned tense. Bakul, who was already anxious initially doing such a scene, was in complete shock due to his blunder!

But much to his surprise and relief moreso, Arshad was extremely cool about it. He assured Bakul that everything was fine and such things keep happening! He even went down to calming the director and insisted on resuming the shooting.

After the incident, Arshad and Bakul soon became pals and bonded like a house on fire for the rest of the movie shoot.

Well, Bakul, that was a close one...literally!