Asin's French connection!

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10/9/2009 4:35:16 PM

view LONDON DREAMS movie stills

view LONDON DREAMS movie stills

Asin loves to travel and explore different places and know more about the people culture. During the shoot of LONDON DREAMS in Paris Asin would go sight seeing a lot.

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A friend of the actress said, "When Asin was shooting for LONDON DREAMS, she went sight seeing in Paris. Asin loved the churches in Paris. She even attended the mass. Asin even tried the street food available there. In short work-cum-pleasure trip for Asin."

And not many know that Asin can not only read and write but also speak the French language fluently. She's quite a master at it. A close friend of the actress revealed, "Asin can sing French songs very fluently. In fact her college friends would tease calling her French Nightingale. French was her favourite subject. She was also a top scorerer in the subject."

Now we know where Asin's love for Paris stems from? One wonders if she was a French actress in her past life!