Ayushmann Khurrana: Honey Singh and I are two different genres

Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
11/10/2014 5:41:11 PM

Ayushmann Khurrana’s new single ‘Mitti Di Khushboo’, produced and promoted by Bhushan Kumar’s T-series, is making waves all over and it is the most downloaded song right now. The heart-touching song caters to all those who are away from their roots and yearning for their hometown or to meet their families. The song has specially struck the chords with the NRIs.

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Says Ayushmann, “The song is for everybody and anybody who stays away from their families and roots. It especially caters to NRIs who get teary-eyed, recalling their hometown.”

Ask Ayushmann, with this if they are bringing back the trend of non-film music and he says, “90s and early 2000 was a peak time for non-filmy music. Now, T-series has taken the onus to revive it. They are promoting the non-film music to grow. It’s their endeavour. Since I wanted to do something meaningful, ‘Mitti Di Khushboo’ happened. More than the trend a good song will always work.”

Despite being a great singer and having good ear for music, why he didn't explore it before even making his acting debut? Ayushmann reveals, “I did not want to expose my singing talent earlier as I was waiting for the right time and opportunity. I decided to go along with acting. If VICKY DONOR wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have been a singer or it would have never got highlighted. My name has got attached with acting along with singing. You need to have a face value to launch your album. In India you consume music through face value.”

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Probe Ayushmann for setting a benchmark of being a singer actor and he says, “My films have really helped me but I don’t encash on them. Singing only increases your credibility as an actor. You don’t need to be multitalented. If you are blessed and fix the energies at the right place, you can achieve everything.”

“I have not set any benchmark. Other actors are singers out of choice and hobby. It’s not my hobby. They are not really singers, whereas I am a professional singer and I do live singing. Nobody has followed me. In fact, nobody follows anybody,” he adds.

Ask the singer actor of associating with the current sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh, whose single was also promoted by T-series lately, and he says, “Honey Singh and I are two different genres. There is lot of difference between our style of work. Our singles are also different. But if Bhushan Kumar plans something, then we might work together.”

Meanwhile, Ayushmann has set a new music band ‘Ayushmann After School’ along with his school friends, through which he will be churning out singles every three months.