Bipasha Basu gears up for her debut international film

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
8/18/2014 2:43:15 PM

Four year long wait for Bipasha Basu would finally be over. Her debut international outing, SINGULARITY, is now gearing up to hit the screens. Surprisingly, the film has now been renamed THE LOVERS and more importantly, it has been given an all new texture and treatment.

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"The film went into production way back in 2011 and was a notable film for Bipasha since she was pairing up with Josh Hartnett of BLACK HAWK DOWN, PEARL HARBOUR and SIN CITY fame. Moreover, it was a true-blue international outing for her as Roland Joffé was on board as a director. However, there were quite a few production hassles, as a result of which the film continued to get pushed. Thankfully, everything is sorted now and the film is all set to release, albeit with a new title THE LOVERS and a tweaked narrative," informs our source.

This is pretty much notable from the two promos that are currently online. While the promo of SINGULARITY was released way back in 2012 and it was rather extensive, the new promo of THE LOVERS has just been unveiled and is crisp, and much more interesting.

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"It is obvious that there is a marked change in presentation,' the source adds, 'Due to its period setting, SINGULARITY focused on a fierce battle fought by Josh on the Indian soil, courtesy invasion by the British East India Company. On the other hand THE LOVERS comes across as an altogether different film as it is focused on the love story between Josh and the Indian warrior played by Bipasha Basu. The USP of the film is the fact that it runs back and forth between two time periods with a love story transcending between the era gone by and the current times."

Fortunately for Bipasha, there is a lot more of her on display in THE LOVERS that also prompted her to post the film's promo on a social media site on Wednesday. While she was happy to announce this as her first international film and that too with Josh, one waits to see when does the active promotion begin for THE LOVERS.

Till then, one can pretty much say that Bipasha would have some busy days ahead, what with promotion of CREATURE and shooting of ALONE keeping her occupied.