Bollywood filmmakers faithfully remake 'Unfaithful'

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS
4/9/2004 12:00:00 AM

Download Home Delivery WallpapersSujoy Ghosh had a forgettable 2005 as his urban film HOME DELIVERY failed to click at the box-office. This was quite a disappointment from a director who made a memorable movie like JHANKAR BEATS. But not getting disheartened by the failure, Sujoy has already announced his next movie and it is gonna be a children?s film. Well, it?s indeed a brave decision and also a receptive one.

Not many directors today are that interested for making films for the little friends. Kids are starving for some good entertainment. While after HANUMAN, animation is slowly gathering momentum in India but feature films are still in the doldrums. Vishal Bharadwaj?s MAKDEE opened the gates in recent times and Soumitra Ranade?s JAJANTARAM MAMANTARAM was a good follow up. But apart from that nothing mentionable has come out from the industry so far.

Download Hanuman WallpapersWith Children?s Film Society not that prolific anymore, it?s up to the independent directors to take the charge. Children?s film is a separate genre and needs devoted efforts to keep it sustained. Also today the media has grown, only the need is to finance such projects and market it the right way. There?s always an audience waiting to grab the offerings provided the films are entertaining and fascinating. Otherwise, Indian kids will always be glued to Harry Potters and Spidermans that traverse from foreign lands. No doubt, these are fabulous movies but if we have an enormous stuff available here, then why make the kids vulnerable to foreign ?castle in the sky?!

Secondly, a movie for kids should not be a typical ?children?s film?! It should not appear like a fabricated attempt at making children?s film but should be more subtle and conscious. It should amuse the kids but in the process if it is informative and thought-provoking it will just serve the purpose right. Now it?s up to the filmmakers to take the initiative and Sujoy Ghosh has taken the step, so let?s hope he comes out with something worth waiting for!