Brand ambassador A.R. Rahman to compose anthem on TB

3/25/2004 12:00:00 AM

View White Noise Movie StillsAfter doing his bit for the Tsunami victims and the recent drive against slum demolition, actor and social activist, Rahul Bose, has now taken up the cause of bar dancers. Rahul Bose feels that the government's decision to ban dance bars, will only alleviate the sufferings of the dancers. "It is very unfair on the government's part. Any socially responsible and wise government would not have taken such a step without giving a thought about the livelihood of bar dancers. There are issues of social rehabilitation that need to be taken care of. Besides it will only encourage dancers to look for other unethical means of livelihood and kill the very purpose for which they are being banned," says Rahul Bose, who has decided to support the fight of the bar dancers in whatever way he can.

Rahul Bose is also determined to continue his fight against slum demolition. "I have endorsed my full support to Medha Patkar in the drive," he says.

So what is it that inspires him to fight for a social cause? "I have always been a proud citizen of this country, who believes in extending a helping hand to those in need. However, it is in the past three years that I have started doing things seriously for social causes. It is my conscience that always nudges me ahead to speak and act when it comes to such situations," he says.

Currently, Rahul Bose is endorsing the cause of four social organizations, including one for the underprivileged, one on gender equality and one on spastics. Moreover, unlike other celebrities who go out of their way to build media awareness about their work, Rahul Bose prefers to keep a low profile about his work. "I believe in under-promising and over-delivering. I recently made my fifth trip to Andaman for the Tsunami ravaged but I have never spoken my work in the area so far this despite the fact that going there and getting the work done is an ordeal by itself. One day when I really feel proud of my work, I'll definitely call for a press conference and announce it," he says matter-of-factly.

It is a busy schedule for Rahul Bose trying to balance his several acting assignments with his social work, besides representing India in the Rugby championship to be held in May. "It isn't all that taxing. I don't consider the time I spend for social causes as a sacrifice. The pleasure I get from it is as much as the happiness I would have got from a box-office success," he smiles.