Can TEREE SANG repeat KYA KEHNA magic?

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
23 Jun, 2009 20:05:03 PM

view TEREE SANG movie poster

view TEREE SANG movie poster

Satish Kaushik's next directorial venture after the flopping of Himesh Reshammiya's KARZZZZ is TEREE SANG, starring a relative newcomer in form of Ruslaan Mumtaz (of MP3 fame) and Sheena Shahabadi.

The film, as is obvious from its bold first look, deals with the theme of teenage pregnancy. Since it is not such a big issue in India, not many films have earlier been made with this theme in mind. However, there is one film that one can recall (which dealt with the issue) and it was Kundan Shah's sleeper hit, KYA KEHNA (2000). Starring Preity Zinta in a powerful role and Saif Ali Khan in a negative character, this film by Kundan Shah was a family affair and it dealt in a very sensitive and humane way with the sensitive issue. Although in KYA KEHNA, Preity Zinta was shown to be a college girl whereas in TEREE SANG, the female protagonist is just 15 and therefore most likely to be a school girl and Ruslaan Mumtaz is shown to be 17 years old.

How director, Satish Kaushik deals with this sensitive subject remains to be seen, but if handled well, and with a good support cast in form of Satish Kaushik, Rajat Kapoor, Neena Gupta etc, TEREE SANG - A KIDULT LOVE STORY can hope of a repeat of KYA KEHNA magic when the film releases on August 7th.