Chitrangada: Arjun and I share great chemistry in romantic moments

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
16 Jan, 2013 45:04:16 PM

Regardless of the on-screen pairing that she shares with Arjun where they get into a corporate battle, off screen Chitrangada Singh had some great times with her co-star. Since he is someone who looks like a true blue corporate professional, one can well assume that it must have sealed the deal for her to consent to such a setup, isn't it?

download INKAAR wallpaper
download INKAAR wallpaper

'In fact there is this one thing that I heard on the sets on the very first day. It was that Arjun and I had great chemistry in our most romantic and volatile moments. While most of the film is about us being at loggerheads, there are also flashbacks where we are seen in a relationship. Because of him and me together, there is a great parity that we see on screen; something which is very electric and fresh', she smiles.

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She is now hoping that the film finds some good acceptance amongst the audience on its theatrical release.

'This is one film which maintains its identity', she declares, 'If you look at KAHAANI, it is a really good film which also did quite well. There is nothing like being offbeat or mainstream. If a film of yours does very well, it becomes a commercial film. INKAAR should be one such film.'

We would know once the film releases all over this Friday.

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