Chunky Pandey gets whistles & hoots

Bollywood Trade News Network
8/17/2009 6:48:05 PM

download DADDY COOL wallpapers

download DADDY COOL wallpapers

We have always seen the women actors getting admiration from the masses accompanied by whistles and hoots, but it is very rare to see the men getting the same amount of admiration when they come on screen. One such incident has happened to our very own Chunky Pandey.

The theatrical promo of the movie DADDY COOL has Chunky shown in underwear which got some major seetees from the junta.


On asking him, he mentioned, "It is like my first few scenes in the movie where I had to just wear underwear and while watching a movie recently the theatrical promo came on screen. The audiences went completely berserk at that scene and there was major whistling from a lot of them. This is not the only incident because my friends mentioned that the same happened in another few places where they were present. I feel very obliged at the moment and hope I get the same reactions for the whole movie."

Well ladies bachhke rehna, because Chunky surely seems to be taking the limelight.