COFFEE BLOOM actress Ishwari Bose signed for a French film!

Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
8/4/2015 9:33:27 AM
Ishwari Bose-Bhattacharya was recently seen in Manu Warrier’s COFFEE BLOOM which released in March this year. An intense film narrated in an innovative way, the film received mixed reviews. But one character that did not go unnoticed was Shondha, played by Ishwari. The girl from Kolkatta [she shifted to Kolkata 9 years ago after coming back to India from France where she was born and brought up, before making Mumbai her base] surprised us with her cameo. Playing a character which questioned her moral ethics, Ishwari knocked us off with her innocence, an attribute she had to keep intact in her character.


Ishwari, who started with Bengali cinema (Jara Brishtite bhijecchilo was her first feature film), is looking for interesting and challenging roles, “Which will be worth taking me away from my Art Therapy classes,” says she. And the good news is that the actress has managed to sign on the dotted line for a French film that will begin filming sometime next year.

French director Zoltan Mayer has confirmed Ishwari for his upcoming feature film. “I can’t disclose the story or the role,” reveals Ishwari who is pleased that her performance has had the required impact.

Martin D’Souza caught up with the multi-talented actress.


Your character, Shondha, was a very complicated one. How did you manage to maintain the innocence despite her being ‘in-your-face’?
I guess theatre creates an actor of intensity [smiles]. I did my acting course in Paris at Atelier International de Théâtre de Blanche Salant, commonly known as AIT.

Acting was always on your agenda?
I did not want to be an actor from childhood. Like a lot of people I was a shy child and I wanted to be a teacher for blind people till I went to college.

So how did you discover theatre, considering you were a shy child?
I discovered theatre when I was in High school. Though I loved being on stage, I couldn’t admit to myself that I would like to take it up professionally. Instead, I started studying English. I stopped quickly. Then I studied Bengali as a foreign language and finally joined a theatre course.

With confidence in COFFEE BLOOM, is Bollywood now on your radar?
I think Cinema in general in on my radar. I haven’t targeted Bollywood particularly. What I am looking for is interesting and challenging roles. 

What has been the response to you post COFFEE BLOOM?
Though my role wasn’t very big in COFFEE BLOOM, my work has been appreciated and Shondha remembered. I have had some interesting offers but I haven’t signed anything yet so I can’t elaborate much. One of the offers is from Kolkatta.

Tell us something about your Art Therapy classes. It’s interesting to know that someone in acting is also into something as varied as this.
My Art Therapy is one of the main reasons for me taking time to sign on something new. Being an Art Therapist is my main focus so when it comes to acting I am looking for really good work before committing.

What does Art Therapy entail?
Art Therapy works on the premise that the act of creating and viewing of art has an inherent therapeutic potential. In this class, through the medium of organic water colours used on a wet paper, you will be guided to explore and discover all the shades of your inner life. Slowly you will discover new sensations, hidden facets, buried talents or fears and unveil new possibilities with joy and courage.

How does this help one in everyday life?
Painting can help us feel and face our daily obstacles such as impatience, stress, anxiety, disconnection, emotional or creative blocks, fears and discontent. Art provides a means through which our often disregarded emotions can be understood, expressed and released.

According to you, who are the people who need Art Therapy classes?
Whether you are looking to enhance your creativity or discover new things about yourself or for rejuvenation, everyone can explore Art Therapy. The journey will be full of colour some trials and many triumphs.

The word art conjures up images of an artist. Does one also need to have drawing skills to enroll?
You do not need to have any artistic or drawing skills to join the class; all you need is an open mind, a willing heart and a pinch of curiosity.

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