COFFEE WITH D postponed: makers give threats the reason behind

Glamsham Editorial
1/6/2017 10:57:29 AM

Sunil Grover starrer COFFEE WITH D which was scheduled to release today is postponed due to threats. Read further to know who threatened the makers.


Producer Vinod Ramani and director Vishal have filed a police complaint and alleged that they have been receiving threats from an underworld gangster's aids asking them to either delete the portions that make fun of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in the film or not release the film at all.

However, the director has confessed that things are not going as per plans and said, “From the time of the release of the trailer, it hasn't been quite easy. We are being hopeful and taking each day as it comes. As of now, the release has been postponed.”

The makers are hoping to release the film next week on 20th of January 2017.