Emraan Hashmi: I haven't over priced myself

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
6/29/2009 5:25:01 PM

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view EMRAAN HASHMI picture gallery

2008 - JANNAT.
2007 - AWARAPAN.
2006 - GANGSTER.
2004 - MURDER.
2003 - FOOTPATH.

Ever since Emraan Hashmi has set his feet in the industry, he has made his presence felt amongst the audience. With a successful film or a critically acclaimed performance to boast of, he has only seen his career graph going up with each release of his. Naturally, it is expected that his price too goes up as the budget of his films see an escalation.

''Well, you have to be realistic when it comes to money. Ultimately, you don't want it to be damaging for the film'', says Emraan who rather than jumping on the 5-10-15 crores bandwagon is instead taking it slow and assessing the situation before going overboard with his remuneration.

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''I have to look at the budget of the film and not dig into it and make a big hole there'', he reasons, ''The price I charge has to be justifiable enough and that's the reason why I have never over priced myself. What's the point in doing that; it will only harm my own movie, right? If I too start making unnecessary demands when it comes to money matters then it all turns out to be a con job. Sorry, but I have never done that and I don't want to that either.''

So what does he really want to do?

''Well, I want to make good movies. I am just six years into the industry and currently at the dawn of my career'', says Emraan, ''I will ask for money that is fair for all. Also, situation is different when you work in solo and multi starrers so I assess that situation as well before I quote my price.''