EXPOSED! Secret behind Dilip Kumar's excellence in tragedy!

Mansoor Khan, Glamsham Editorial
12/7/2015 6:16:27 PM
Thespian Dilip Kumar is popularly known as ‘Tragedy King’ for his excellence in emotional roles remember his hit films like ANDAZ, DEVDAS, DEEDAR, DAAG, DIL DIYA DARD LIYA, AADMI etc. But few know the reason why Dilip Kumar could excel so brilliantly in tragic roles?


In an interview, Dilip Kumar recalled that when he was a child, barely 8 to 10 years, his grandmother would hide him from the society as he was very cute. She would always keep him inside the house and prevented him from mingling with outside children.

Once there was a death in the house and a lot of relatives had gathered. Taking advantage of the chaos in the house, young Dilip Kumar tried to run out of the house. But to his bad luck when he was about to leave out from the front door he saw his grandmother standing near the door.

Remembering the chilling episode Dilip Kumar said, “I loved my grandmother but also feared her a lot. Hence, when I saw my granny at the door I run backwards and accidently run into the room where the dead body was kept.”

“Inside the room I hid behind a charapai (cot) but was shivering with fear as the room was vacant and scary and right in front of my charapai laid the corpse. I was trapped inside the room for over 30 to 40 minutes and escaped only when the relatives came into the room to perform sacred rites,” added Dilip Kumar.

After the incident Dilip Kumar was bed ridden with fever for many days. Dilip Kumar believes the incident had profound impact on his personality and his outlook towards life changed and he became mature.

“I think that’s the reason I could infuse more realism in tragic roles,” he quips!