Five reasons that made WUS a success

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
10/3/2009 6:15:56 PM

view WAKE UP SID movie stills

view WAKE UP SID movie stills

That WAKE UP SID has worked with the audiences is a known fact by now. Friday response to the film has clearly stated that this Ayan Mukherji directed film is there to stay and make an impression for a good period of time even as the month of October will see one after another biggie arrive at the box office.

If one begins searching for the reasons that have made WAKE UP SID immensely popular amongst the youth, there are five that can be listed down.

1) The film has a constant 'sur' throughout which doesn't slot it into a routine Bollywood affair
2) There is no over the top or on the other hand an understated drama that could take away from the film's spirit and lead it to unwarranted tangents
3) There is no ultra emotional strangulation of audiences even as the two prime protagonists - Ranbir and Konkona - learn to live life with each other
4) There is absolutely no yuppie cool dude act a la DIL CHAHTA HAI that could have possibly led to some serious deja vu
5) And last but not the least, WAKE UP SID is an original story which is truly refreshing

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Hats off to first timer Ayan since in all these aforementioned areas, it is his writing that comes in handy. The film maker shows an up in the momentum scene after scene and ensures that audiences hang on pretty well before Sid actually wakes up! These are the reasons that make the film go beyond the cliche of being slotted as just another 'coming of age' film.

Unlike a conventional movie, Ayan doesn't just bring a turnaround in Sid's character by throwing a song and a couple of scenes to bring in that 'overnight transformation'. Instead, he keeps it soft and subtle starting from something as simple as Sid learning how to prepare an omelette, keep his comic books stacked, prepare his own bed and of course earn his very first cheque.

By the end of it all, one realises that the destination was eventually met even as the journey wasn't quite 'on your face' or 'over the top'.