For Shahid Kapoor 'F' words are a part of life!

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
9/23/2009 12:13:19 PM

download SHAHID KAPOOR wallpapers

download SHAHID KAPOOR wallpapers

Shahid Kapoor's speech defect in KAMINEY is now a fashion statement, and is being copied by the young and old. The actor not only essayed both his speech defect roles (a news that we broke, as usual, on April 14 - Shahid stammers when nervous! ) to perfection, but with the cute way in which he spoke, he won all the hearts, and we can now hear many trying to emulate his style by substituting 's' with 'f'.

School children, and especially the youth have picked up his style and made it into a fashion statement. We have had fans emulating hairstyles, dresses and walking, dancing styles of their favourite actors, but this is the first time in the history of cinema that the mannerisms relating to speech defect are being aped by so many.


In fact, people even go to the extent of calling out to Shahid when they see him, by asking, 'Arre, Fahid, kaifa hai tu yaar?" and Shahid simply enjoys all the attention. Recently, in an interview to a leading daily, he admitted that it was really very nice to know that people find him synonymous to his character of Charlie in KAMINEY.

Well, Shahid it's your charm that has ensured that your latest Eid release, DIL BOLE HADIPPA, has shown decent collections, despite a super strong challenger in the form of Salman Khan's much hyped WANTED. Way to go, man.