Gibberish language to be used for the first time ever in Amitabha Singh's Bollywood film SHORTCUT SAFAARI

Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
2/18/2016 6:51:39 PM

Have you heard of any movie beginning with an unknown language, one that we are not aware of as yet? We don’t think so!

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Bollywood has always experimented with various languages, but for the first time ever producer-director Amitabha Singh has gone ahead with a gibberish language to begin his movie - SHORTCUT SAFAARI when the main credits roll.

The video, which shows the friendship of a girl with a leopard, is something you definitely have to see to believe!

Apart from the cuteness level, the video has also incorporated the current ‘selfie’ trend. More so, the selfie is also uploaded on a social networking website!

Interestingly, the sequence has been composed by SHIP OF THESEUS music composer Rohit Sharma.

Rohit had quoted, “I really wanted to keep the sound very basic close to roots and earthy. A child’s life is very simple so the sound of this track had to be kept at basics. Amitabha did not want a song; he wanted music so I came up with this idea of a gibberish language. The next thing was to really pen the language to fit the music track. Amitabha encouraged me to sing it also because he felt that since I created this new language, I would be able to sing it well.”

We think Rohit has been successful in doing that. Check out for yourself!