Govinda: Yash Raj Films presents a villain like a hero!

Urvi Parikh, Glamsham Editorial
10/22/2014 11:18:15 AM

Govinda, who looks impressive in Yash Raj Films’ KILL DIL trailer, was initially hesitant to accept the role as he thought it didn’t go with his image.

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“Yes I was rejecting the role because I was worried whether people will accept me in it given that my image is different in their minds. But my wife convinced me to do it. She said don’t sit at home and rather accept the work coming your way. So that is how I accepted the role,” admits Govinda.

Probe him further about why was he skeptical to do the film and he reveals, “I wanted to do justice to the role and wanted the character to be remembered for years.”

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Now that everyone has had his glimpse in the trailer, what kind of response has come his way?

“People are liking me in the negative role and that is good. I never thought I could pull off a negative character. In fact I told Shaad Ali that if my portion doesn’t look good then I will back off and we will come up with some excuse as to why I backed out. But then things worked out so I continued. I have never done it before. When I had done a negative role in SHIKARI, that time the confidence level was quite high. But now when a hero does a villain’s role the presentation has to be great. And I must say that in YRF, the presentation isn’t wrong. They present a villain just like a hero,” concludes Govinda.

KILL DIL starring Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda is all set to release on November 14, 2014.