Gulshan Grover to play a role in ASHES 2 ASHES

By Manisha Deshpande
11/10/2004 12:00:00 AM
The Umesh Mehra-Goldie Hawn alliance on the international front Grover  is busy cultivating tie-ups between his good old friends in Bollywood and Hollywood. Not many are aware of the fact that it was Gulshan Grover  who brought about the strategic alliance between Goldie Hawn and Umesh Mehra  for ASHES 2 ASHES, the film Mehra is co-producing with Hawn, with an American cast. "It is true that I was instrumental in bringing the two together since Goldie happens to be a close friend, who has been constantly in touch. I can say that I played the role of a pundit who forged the tie-up between the two," smiles Grover. 

Grover will also play an interesting role in the film, though the role if brief.