Gurpreet Guggi - All set to be the next Johnny Lever?

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
5/28/2009 3:41:45 PM

There was a time (especially in the mid and end 90s) when Johnny Lever was seen in practically every third Hindi movie. And we are talking only about 'A' grade movies here. Circa 200 and the role of comedian started going towards the second lead and then even the main lead and Johnny's presence in the industry started diminishing. The man too gracefully decided to do lesser work rather than pick on random projects and is now pretty selective when it comes to film assignments.

However, after watching recently released Punjabi film MUNDE U.K. DE, one is bound to remember Johnny Lever, mainly due to the presence of a certain Gurpreet Guggi in the laugh riot. It's the presence of Gurpreet that makes this Jimmy Sheirgill starrer a hilarious watch, especially during the first half of the film.

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Guggi has proved his mettle as a fine comedian over the years, especially in Punjabi cinema, but MUNDE U.K. DE has to be his finest work till date. For a character that has just landed from UK and is playing a quintessential funny man (he also proclaims to be the one at close to five junctures), he could have easily gone over the top and slipped down. Yes, he does go over the top but doesn't slip even once, hence making his character an integral part of the film.

In fact Guggi is not someone who is new to Bollywood as well. He was last seen in EK - THE POWER OF ONE as Bobby Deol's buddy and has also played bit roles in super successful films like SINGH IS KINNG, RACE and NAMASTEY LONDON.

Now with a blockbuster like MUNDE UK DE being in his kitty, a film where he has an almost parallel role as that of Jimmy Sheirgill, Guggi would certainly be looking forward to a much productive outing in the film world.