Gustad's crewmen resign over British Pakistani's death

By Marcellus D'Souza, IANS
6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM
The past couple of days has seen young filmmaker Kaizad Gustad  face the termath of a horrific incident whereby a member of his unit, Nadia Khan, died while shooting for his new film "Mumbai Central".

Gustad has been running from pillar to post, getting all the formalities regarding the shocking May 25 accident in place.Initially the film crew had said that Khan, a British Pakistani, had been knocked down by a truck. But later some members said she was hit by a train at the Mahalaxmi station here.

Gustad told IANS: "I cannot speak freely until the investigation is done. We of the film unit have lodged our statements. We have nothing to hide. "We welcome the investigation. Let the law take its course. Our only thoughts right now are with the
deceased girl's family."

This isn't the first occasion when a horrendous and fatal accident has occurred during a film shooting.

Stalwarts like J.P. Dutta and Sanjay Leela Bhansali have lost members of their crew during location.

The case of Gustad is, however, different. Ever since he made his second and audacious film "Boom", Gustad has made himself the most unpopular filmmaker in Mumbai.

Many people today see the latest incident as comeuppance for a cocky and over-reaching director.

Says one filmmaker: "They didn't allow him to get away with 'Boom'. How can he be allowed to get away with something so outrageously tragic?"

Whether Gustad deliberately lied about the girl's death is a moot point. But one thing is for sure. Contrary to rumours, Gustad won't shut down the shooting of his new film.