Indian celebrities get grilled by Shobhaa De

By Viral Bhayani, IANS
23 Oct, 2004 30:05:00 AM

Did you know that Danny Denzongpa, and not Amjad Khan was the first choice for the role of Gabbar Singh? Surely, SHOLAY would have been bland without Amjad Khan as the fearful dacoit! Need to know more trivia about Bollywood films - one of the staple diets upon which India thrives? Then you need to tune on to SaharaOne Television?s new weekly show titled NGTake (NG meaning no good takes) to be launched on Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 7.30 p.m. To give you lively company all along the deciphering of the hidden tales of the film will be funnyman Suresh Menon who will chart out the hitherto unheard trivia from Bollywood, week after week with his idiosyncratic style.

The half an hour non-fiction show will focus on smart Bollywood trivia right from its scripting, pre-production, original choices, which were later Download Ek Ajnabee Wallpaperscancelled. Beginning with trivia on the all-time classic movie SHOLAY, NGTake will subsequently feature films like PARINEETA, WAH! LIFE HO TO AISI, EK AJNABEE among others. They will be programmed week after week alternating the classic golden movies with the latest blockbusters. Thus giving viewers a chance to unearth the buried mysteries of there favourite films as host Suresh Menon keeps the audience spellbound with his hilarious antics while recreating the scenes of the films featured on NGTake, which were thoroughly researched.
For Purnendu Bose, COO, SaharaOne Television, this is a creative idea that was not touched by Indian television. ?India?s obsession with Bollywood is never ending. No entertainment is complete without a dose of films. Building on this Bollywood appetite SaharaOne Television brings this unique offering, which gives a peek into Bollywood that viewers have never seen before on Indian Television. Trivia that is intriguing, surprising, shocking, and yet alerting for the viewers.?
The first episode with SHOLAY taking the centre-stage as the first film to be featured. The very fact that more than five months were devoted to source out all the trivia about the blockbuster emphasizes the vastness of all that could be shown on NGTake. All film buffs may have sworn to not seeing Thakur ever shedding a tear in SHOLAY. But the producers of NGTake managed to dig out the prints for a scene, which actually showed the Thakur crying, from a processing lab in London. It is also hard to believe another fact that a ?qawaali? song in SHOLAY was recorded by RD Burman that was never shot. Three scenes from SHOLAY that were deleted will be aired on the small screen for the first time ever on NGTake.
Deepti Bhatnagar, who?s produced NGTake is very excited about this project. ?Being an actress myself in the past, I know the little incidents on the sets that become so memorable. Sometimes, just a five-minute scene would need to have been shot for really long hours! We are thus digging on to the takes, which were really goofed-up, as also the deleted scenes of the films that never reached the silver screen. Thus offering rare Bollywood trivia that for sure will intrigue the film-loving Indian audience.?
All the facts that will leave you in wonder - only on NGTake on SaharaOne Television.

Surely, you cannot miss the already missed-out scenes and moments of great Indian filmmaking!