Is Arjun Kapoor gearing up for a Pandit Nehru bio-pic?

Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
2/8/2014 1:53:58 PM

Biopics in Bollywood are gaining momentum, with more number of filmmakers and actors taking an interest in it. Now, it seems that the GUNDAY actor Arjun Kapoor is bit by the biopic bug, as he has shown his keenness in doing a film on the same.

''I love watching biopics a lot but nobody would offer me that...Given a chance I would love to do a biopic,'' said Arjun when asked about biopics.

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Quiz him as to which entity, he would like to portray on-screen and Arjun said, ''It's very difficult to choose. But I would love to portray somebody from the freedom movement. As its interesting to unearth their journey why they did and what they did...And I am not saying it should be a relevant story. Somebody from politics and post freedom also would do.''


But as we needled him about the idea of enacting a film star on the celluloid, he added, ''I don't want to play an actor on-screen. There's not much to talk about them. There are only two aspects about them - either its personal or their professional lives. Whereas in the case of freedom heroes or politicians, they have so many facets that can be explored. So, I would like to do a politically based biopic.''

While Arjun was still mulling over the specific character he would love to play, we suggested Pt. Nehru (chacha Nehru) and he expressed, ''Why not? It isn't a bad idea.''

Are filmmakers listening?

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