It's all in the name for 'Ashish Chowdhry'!

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8/8/2009 4:27:06 PM

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view ASHISH CHOWDHRY picture gallery

The very suave 'Ashish Chowdhry' seems to be worried sick of his name being mis-spelt every single time! Everywhere he goes, he finds a different take on his name and its spelling!

Some of the examples go like this - 'aashish', 'asheesh', 'dry', 'dhary, 'dhury' and many more..

A completely exasperated Ashish says, ''It's funny, after calculating, I've realized that there are about 128 ways in which my name can be spelt. When I need to check up something on myself on the internet, its impossible to find it, owing only to the spelling.''

We hear in school the actor used to spell his name as 'Aashish', however, he has his feet firmly stuck to his roots and believes in using the maiden spelling!

Apparently, the handsome star thinks that the spelling bestowed upon him by his parents is what he cherishes the most and no amount of alteration in his name would bring him more fortune than he already has.

Adds Ashish, ''I believe people work hard and make a name for themselves to bring honour to their family. I would also like to take my family name ahead and contribute in my small way.''

Evidently Ashish doesn't need to get any numerology consultation done to his name, with the innumerous spellings already doing the rounds.

So Ashish we do get your spelling...oops we mean point!