Kainaz Motivala: Even Angelina Jolie auditions for roles

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
8/8/2012 3:56:44 PM

Kainaz Motivala was recently seen in CHALLO DRIVER which didn't quite make waves at the box office. However the pretty girl isn't disheartened, what with a couple of films already in the pipeline, the announcement around which would be made pretty soon.

''Yes, these films are almost there and in about a fortnight's time we should be ready to announce it. While I am a solo lead in one film, another is going to be an ensemble affair. One of my films starts next month,'' confirms Kainaz.

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view KAINAZ MOTIVALA picture gallery

However it has also been confirmed that she won't be featuring in RAGINI MMS - 2, what with Sunny Leone being the chosen one who starts shooting for the film towards end of year. Still, since Ekta Kapoor (producer of RAGINI MMS) is starting multiple other projects as well in months to come, doesn't Kainaz feel like approaching her, or for that matter any other filmmaker of repute for a good part to play in their films? After all, it doesn't harm to express interest in working with a certain filmmaker.

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''Frankly speaking, I find that really hard to do,'' sighs Kainaz, ''Honestly, I don't think I can ever call someone and say that 'Hey, please cast me.'' I go through a regular route which means whenever I find out that a film needs an actor, I try and give an audition. I believe that it is a totally fair thing to do.

''This way, a director can also see whether I can pull off a certain role or not. She goes on to add, ''In Hollywood, even the biggest of actors audition for roles. For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, everyone from Angelina Jolie to Anne Hathway auditioned to play the female lead. There is nothing to feel shy about.''

Fair enough Kainaz.