Kareena Kapoor Khan: R. Balki had the courage to show this film differently

Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
3/31/2016 5:14:39 PM

We have loved seeing Kareena Kapoor Khan's girly side in JAB WE MET and many other movies, but now one of the most loved actresses is going to be seen playing the role which has been stereotyped with men. While we are already excited to see that, here's bringing you Kareena Kapoor Khan's interview which was equally fun and quirky.

Here are the excerpts:

Here are the excerpts:


What was the one thing that dragged you towards the character?
I liked the entire concept of Balki - the fact that it is slightly different from other films. Everybody says this is a different film, but I genuinely think this is different. With the fact that this does happen in India where there are states but nobody addresses the issue (everybody talks about it in a hush tone), this is a kind of film that Balki had the courage to show slightly different, quirky.

Do you think you have done justice to the role?
Yes, of course we both (Arjun and I) have given a lot, following the director’s vision. Film making is a directors' vision which comes onscreen. It’s what in his mind and I am a director's actress completely. R. Balki is an amazing director. Just to come up with the concept that fun, quirky and to do it in a spirited way, it’s amazing!

Have you taken any inspiration from someone to play this role?
No! I think Balki was clear about the character. This is the way he wanted it, sees it and I just followed that.

'R. Balki doesn't understand glossy things'

How do you connect with Ki on a personal level?
Well, the fact that we both are married, working and independent. It’s quiet similar in that. But, the fact that she kind of experiment with this marriage with this guy, who has no ambitions, who wants to be like his mother. Normally we meet men who say they want to be like their father. Nobody says they want to be like their mother. So, that’s slightly different.

Which was the quirkiest moment for you in KI & KA?
I think the fact that the way Balki shot this film and the way the character is - because not many women would actually have the courage to actually marry this guy who says I don’t have any ambitions and don’t want to work. I think that’s the quirky part of Kia!

Tell us any unique thing about Balki you have noticed compared to other directors?
I think Balki is very funny. He doesn’t think like a regular filmmaker and doesn’t understand this glossy things. He makes the characters very real. Every time we wanted to wear Gucci or Prada or something like that. He would be like you can’t wear this please get clothes from Zara and Mango. He used to keep telling Manish please only Zara and Mango. She is a girl from Delhi who works in an ad agency, she can’t be shopping at Prada. I was like Yeah! You’ll know when you see the film. Because a girl who works in ad agency will wear clothes which are affordable and that’s what I felt proud about you know I can also kind of wearing high street dress which is office going but it looks good and its affordable. So, actresses can be normal and in the character.

Do you think men’s attitude towards women’s will change after watching this movie?
Anyway men have a different kind of attitude now also. The ratio is different there are women working out and may be the men are sitting at home. There are husbands who allow you to work and go out.