KIRKIT - The Ultimate Fun Ride

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5/16/2009 7:00:47 PM



Sports based films especially those revolving around cricket, have always aroused a certain level of curiosity among audiences. Probably one film which is inspired by theme based sports is a film titled KIRKIT - a fun rollercoaster with perfect twists and turns.

KIRKIT is a story of two groups of 5 boys each from Mumbai and Hyderabad who are on a special 'Holiday' to Goa and their tryst with destiny. In Goa, the two groups run into each other which eventually leads to a small fight. The two groups decide to resolve the matter over a tennis-ball cricket match. What is outrageously funny is the fact that the two teams call themselves Mumbai Vadapavs and Hyderabadi Biryanis. And thus comes into being, the catch line of the film Kitkit +Cricket = KIRKIT.

Titled KIRKIT, the film is ready with a blend of stars which include: Jackie Shroff, Sanjay Kapoor, Gulshan Grover and Sayali Bhagat, Johny Lever from the Bollywood and Kota Srinivas Rao,Tanikella Bharini from the Tollywood in the principal roles along with a bunch of youngsters. Apparently, the film is based on the quest for money by a few opportunists using the game of cricket, is a satire on the business of cricket which is a fun filled ride full of amusement. The one aspect which catches the attention is the hilarious tagline of the film which asks '''Can the Mumbai Vadapavs defeat the Hyderabadi Biryanis?''

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What's the film exactly about other than the referential element of cricket?

''KIRKIT talks about how advantage is being taken of a common man by making everything so commercial, especially the game of cricket. It narrates how street kids have taken on to playing cricket due to exposure to cricket and other game leagues which involve quick cricket day in and night out. It clearly states that now even cricket & related games have turned into business and are highly commercialized.

As for which team wins the match in the end, is it the Mumbai Vadapavs or the Hyderabadi Biryanis? To find that, you will have to watch KIRKIT. KIRKIT, has quite a few debutant actors playing wannabe cricketers. The film is produced and directed by Hyderabad-based Shashi Preetam, a musician who has created more than 350 jingles and has also dabbled in composing music for Bollywood and South Indian films has powerful musical scores, a storyline which is different yet providing wholesome entertainment.