Kriti Sanon: It is wonderful to be accepted

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
7/17/2014 6:48:09 PM

When it comes to a debutante, Kriti Sanon has emerged victorious with all around compliments continuing to come her way, even though it has been a while since HEROPANTI released. Even though there has been hardly a debut or two which has matched up to the kind of results that Kriti has delivered, the fact also remains that in her very first film, she proved that she had it in her to make it big in the world of Bollywood and that too apne dum par without any filmy connections to boast of.

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No wonder, the going is good for her today even as she is careful when it comes to picking and choosing her films.

"I have been in talk for a lot of projects and it is good to be getting to that level where people approach you and show interest in bringing you on board. For me who is a complete outsider and is still learning the ropes, it is a big thing indeed when industry people discuss some of the best projects in the making. I am in a happy space as it is wonderful to be accepted, though I know that it is just a beginning and I have a long way to go," says Kriti, who hails from Delhi.

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Though she had made her big screen debut with a Mahesh Babu starrer earlier this year, it is HEROPANTI that brought her into the all-India map. Though the film was hailed as the launch pad of Tiger Shroff, Kriti got her fair share of pre-release hype as well, especially once her song 'Whistle Baja' turned out to be a chartbuster.

"Yes, sometimes my friends and well-wishers wondered if I could have been spoken about more. But then I truly believe that sometimes it is nicer not to be talked about so much. Due to that, there is not so much burden on you," she smiles, "This way, when you do well it is a surprise for all. This pretty much worked for me in HEROPANTI as even I got a lot of appreciation from audience as well as friends and family. Coming from a non-film background and still being accepted in the first go itself; I guess it is not a bad deal at all."

We agree!