LOVE AAJ KAL fame Giselle doesn't want to be shy anymore

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
4/13/2011 5:36:08 PM

In her upcoming campus entertainer ALWAYS KABHI KABHI, Giselle Monteiro is playing a shy teenager. And though this is just her second film after LOVE AAJ KAL, the girl is looking for a change as far as her on-screen presentation is concerned. As per her, one step in this direction is to now catch hold of a role that allows her to - hold your breath - be a little loud instead of playing someone meek and coy.

Giselle comes up with an uproarious laugh here, "Now how was that? You just saw how I can be loud if I really want to. I guess enough of listening. I was doing that all the time in LOVE AAJ KAL and thankfully Harleen's character was such that it worked there. Now in ALWAYS KABHI KABHI also I am not that outgoing. Instead I am being sweet, nice and shy. I guess a change for me is the need of the hour."



No wonder, Giselle hasn't signed any new movie even though there have been feelers coming her way.

"People come with offers but most of these carry a shade of Harleen," she settles down, "I too personally want to move out of that zone, something that I am consciously driving towards. Right now I am looking at things with a different perspective."

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One can hardly assume a petite girl like her to be coming anywhere close to giving a minor jolt to folks around her, leave aside shocking them.

"Then how about doing a part which at least requires me to go and shout at someone," she jokes, "I am longing to do something on those lines. People should know I have a loud voice as well and sometimes I can get angry too. Enough of smiling and being nice to everyone. Let me show the other side of me now."

Well Giselle, as long as it remains strictly on-screen it is fine. We would rather have this ?videsi babe' stay on as Ms. Nice. After all there are hardly any left in apna desi Bollywood!