Madhuri Dixit joins many B-town celebs to support Whistling Woods International

Glamsham Editorial
7/26/2014 9:59:29 AM

Madhuri Dixit is the latest celebrity to lend her support for Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International for its ongoing land issue. The institute is getting strong support from many industry wallahs.  Here’s what they are saying about the institute:


Madhuri Dixit: request the authorities to preserve @Whistling_Woods ,an institute which has contributed so much to art and cinema.

Vidya Balan: In a country where there are millions of aspirants but few institutions of learning of cinema and media students, we should support such organized efforts. Give the credibility Whistling Woods has built in these few years of its existence, I urge the government to support its survival with dignity as it has achieved.

Hrithik Roshan: pls do not dislodge an institute which has done what it promised and more! @Whistling_Woods @meghnaghaipuri I salute you 4 all u hv done.

A.R.Rahman: Let art flourish, let the people who educate passionately be supported will empower our kind to @Whistling_Woods ..

Karan Johar: As a filmmaker I request the authorities to preserve and protect has it's heart embedded in contributing to cinema...

Arjun Kapoor: 'Whistling woods needs to exist to give people hope sir,hope that cinema can be taught learnt and experienced at the highest level @prithvrj

Boman Irani: At the end of the day #whistling woods is a temple of learning.The last thing one must bring down. An appeal for students & industry!

Tigmanshu Dhulia: Destroying an educational institute which is adding immensely to the strength of the film industry is a foolish & unethical move. Contd. Like the forest of our country which gives life, even whistling woods should be saved. @meghnaghaipuri #LongLiveWWI

Shreyas Talpade: 1 institution where I genuinely flt like studying but couldn't.Don't take it away from those who can n wnt to @Whistling_Woods #LongLiveWWI

Anshuman Jha: We are all blessed to be a part of such an enriching experience Meghna. And I am sure many more will live the #WWI experience in the years to come. As SG says, lets keep our chin up&keep smiling coz this too shall be overcome!

Nikhil Advani: A terrible shame that contribution to film-making is not being recognized. @Whistling_Woods has made it easier to access young talent.

Ronit Roy: @Whistling_Woods is a place for building the foundation of our film makers of tomorrow. By tearing it down we may be tearing down our cinema. You can make cinema on politics but can never have politics in cinema! Support freedom of expression. SAVE @Whistling_Woods

Sudhir Mishra: Mr Prithviraj Raj Chouhan pls find a solution for Whistling Woods. It's a 1st rate institution n Subhashji has done cinema a Grt service!

Rohit Roy: The gvmt n honorary Shri @prithvrj should be looking for solutions to SAVE one of the ONLY institutions in India imparting film education!
Surprising how this witchhunt against @Whistling_Woods just doesn't stop! Why can't the gvmt find a solution? Is it abt land or smthng els?
While collecting taxes from the film industry, they don't think twice but they want to shut a school @Whistling_Woods that is creating it !! 
This is a humble request to the powers that be... It is our only world class film facility.. Don't take it away.. @prithvrj ji, please don't
And honestly, I don't even think we should be requesting the gvmnt to save @Whistling_Woods .. They should be equally eager to save a school

Samar Khan: Education is the bedrock of a good society ,don't let it be sacrificed cause of politics @prithvrj it's a heartfelt appeal #LongLiveWWI

Shashank Khaitan: @prithvrj Everything i know about film making, i learnt at @Whistling_Woods . Please let the dream live on... #LongLiveWWI