MDKM girl Rhea could have become a scientist

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
3/11/2013 5:52:04 PM

While MERE DAD KI MARUTI is centered on a boy (Saqib Saleem) whose dad's (Ram Kapoor) Maruti goes missing, there is a girl in the crowd who is making much more than just her presence felt. Thank goodness for that because if not for the world of glamour, the pretty girl could well have been cracking formulas and readying for her tryst with the profession of being a scientist. Yes, that's Rhea Chakraborty, an ex-MTV VJ, for whom the world of glamour came knocking her doors.

download MERE DAD KI MARUTI wallpaper
download MERE DAD KI MARUTI wallpaper

"Honestly, it is very weird that I am in this profession today because I never thought that I would actually turn into an actor. I was studying science. When I shifted to Mumbai, my mathematics teacher pleaded with my father to stop me so that I could continue studying. He believed that with me getting into this industry, nation would lose a scientist,? chuckles Rhea.

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Though she admits that in the last couple of years gone by it is difficult even for her to believe the turn of events that she has encountered in her life, it has all been for the better. Moreover, she feels that there is a definite comfort zone that she has entered in her short sting in front of the camera and now there won't be any turning back.

"When I was in MTV, I felt so natural just to be there. I never felt that acting was work when I was doing MERE DAD KI MARUTI. It feels at home since I find it all so interesting to be doing a scene, playing a character, living its life and feeling its emotion. I know for sure that this is what I am going to do now,? she says confidently.

As a Yash Raj heroine, she knows that there is a lot at stake. "I knew from the very beginning that to be in the game I had to give my best performance, look my best, work hard and stay sane."

We would know soon as results would speak the loudest once the film releases all over this Friday.