Minissha Lamba: There is no contract with YRF

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
25 May, 2009 10:07:52 PM

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A couple of years back when Minissha Lamba was signed for BACHNA AE HASEENO, there were rumours about a three film contract between her and Yash Raj Films. It was quite expected considering the fact that during those days three film contracts were pretty much in vogue and YRF was a trail blazer in this growing trend.

BACHNA AE HASEENO released around a year back, turned out to be successful at the box office, but there was no other film announced by YRF that had Minissha in the lead. So what exactly went wrong?

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''Nothing at all'', Minissha clears the air here, ''As you are pointing it out yourself, it was all a rumour. I was signed only for BACHNA AE HASEENO and there was no other contract that was drawn between me and Yash Raj Films. I don't know from where it all began. Some people have really wild imagination and this was indeed a figment of someone's imagination than anything else.''

While Minissha had an eventful 2008 with the release of BACHNA AE HASEENO, KIDNAP, SHAURYA and ANAMIKA, in 2009 it is expected that WELL DONE ABBA would be her only release of the year. What is she currently working on other than this Shyam Benegal film for which the principal shooting is already through?

''Honestly, I haven't picked on anything else right now'', Minissha says, ''I am taking it quite easy and slow at the moment. I am enjoying this phase as I contemplate what to do next.''